We'll Adjust Your Existing Locks

We'll Adjust Your Existing Locks

Ask about our rekeying service & lock rekeying service in Vail, AZ or the areas nearby

Want to change your locks without replacing them? Choose a rekeying service by Lock Tech, LLC. We perform quick and easy lock rekeying for properties in Vail, AZ and the surrounding areas. Rekeying changes the lock mechanism inside of your locks so you don't have to replace the entire doorknob or door. After a lock rekeying has been done, you'll get a new set of keys to match the lock adjustment. It's a simple way to change your locks.

Choose our rekeying service today by calling 520-416-4393.

When a rekeying service is right for you

Lock rekeying is especially great in certain situations. Call us if:

  • You're a new homeowner
  • You've lost keys or had them stolen
  • You want new locks without replacing them

Secure your property, a free estimate and two free keys when you schedule our rekeying service.